The AJ Bay Foundation Golf Tournament

September 27, 2013

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The AJ Bay Foundation has been raising money through various events over the past 7 years, in memory of our good friend Anthony John (AJ) Bay, preserving his memory by giving back to the things that played an important and positive role in his life.  All proceeds collected from the AJ Bay foundation go towards Mind Check, an online self-help site that has been developed to help youth and young adults learn about themselves, and to offer numerous helpful resources.

This year the AJ Bay Foundation decided to step up its game by hosting the first annual AJ Bay Foundation golf tournament.  It was an awesome experience, as we got to meet a lot of AJ’s family and friends, learn a bit about the wonderful person he was, and realize how important events like these are. Collectively, the event was able to contribute $10,000 to Mind Check, and was a complete success! Everyone had a blast on the course, followed by fantastic evening of food, prizes and – of course – a few drinks.

Events like these are truly important to help spread awareness of this vital issue. Mental health is the one thing that is required in order to have any quality of life. Without it, people are forced to struggle with many aspects of life that we take for granted such as healthy relationships, good life choices, ability to handle natural ups and downs, and the ability to grow towards our potential.

As this event was such a success, it will certainly be the first of many annual golf tournaments to be hosted for years to come. If you wish to learn more about the AJ Bay Foundation and how you can help please visit their website (, or for more information regarding mental health please visit Mind Check.

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