Stanley Cup Playoff Fever

June 1, 2011

Playoff Fever at Still Creek Press

As with most other offices in Lower Mainland, the hot topic around the water cooler these days is the upcoming Stanley Cup Playoffs. To celebrate our boys in blue and their impending battle for Lord Stanley’s Cup, we conducted an inner office survey so employees could weigh in on the hardest hitting questions for the playoff series. Here are the questions and how our answers ranked:

Manny Malhotra’s Return:
Will A.V. play Malhotra in Game #1 of the series?

The agreement among most is that A.V. will play Malhotra in Game #1. Considering the severe eye injury he suffered back in March against the Colorado Avalanche, it would be a miraculous and emotional return that would tug on the heartstrings of all Canucks fans.

Canucks and the Cup:
How many games will it take for the Canucks to win the cup?

Over half of SCP employees believe that the Canucks will take the cup five games. There was also overwhelming agreement to the after party taking place at Canucks hot spot, The Roxy. Jealous Shane O’B?

Penalty Box Faux-Pas:
Will there be another act of public indecency outside the penalty box?

Perhaps in an attempt to break out from our “no fun city” reputation, most people believe that there will be another act of indecency outside the penalty box. Whether it will be another wardrobe malfunction by an intoxicated super fan or the green men doing a spread eagle handstand, we’ll have to wait and see.

Do you agree with how we as an office answered these hard hitting playoff questions? Stay tuned to see how close our playoff predictions actually are. GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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