SPONSORSHIP vs PARTNERSHIP – Are they the same?

June 4, 2014

We have been a very active company in 2014, supporting local and national causes that are meaningful to our clients and to the staff of Still Creek Press. How then, does a printing company decide to support one cause over another and how do they value the contribution towards each initiative? Our Manager of Business Development, Steve Bell-Irving, has outlined his strategy for 2014 as “creating partnerships that are built on trust, value and providing win-win benefits over the long term.” Working with current clients, the sales team at Still Creek Press has been given the task to create new opportunities through the exploration of initiatives supported by the client that we could support through printing.

Sponsorship versus Partnership

An example of this would be with our friends at the Canadian Cancer Society. In April, we partnered with them on their Daffodil Month campaign to promote the message “Join The Fight” by sending bundles of ten daffodils to 25 businesses Still Creek Press works with, included a postcard stating that we wanted the flowers to put a smile on the client’s face and give them the chance to reflect on those they know who have been affected by cancer. The impact was immediate; those we sent flowers to responded with their sincere “thanks” and the Canadian Cancer Society was happy to be included in the initiative.

All of this shows that a partnership can still support a cause without requiring the rigors of creating a sponsorship. More often than not, a sponsorship is when one person/company has a need and requires another person/company to join them towards the former’s goal. We feel that partnerships are created to highlight an opportunity and delivered to support both sides involved. Now, I’m not saying that sponsorships won’t achieve the same outcome, nor am I saying that sponsorships aren’t win-wins, however, I believe that a sponsorship is derived from a need whereas a partnership is shared in order to reach a common goal using each others’ unique abilities and services.
If your company would like to suggest a partnership that Still Creek Press should explore, please get in contact with our Manager of Business Development, Steve Bell-Irving at SteveBI@stillcreekpress.com

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