Inline Variable Data Inkjet Printing

November 16, 2010

Did you know we can apply variable data to your print jobs inline on our high speed web presses and collators? At Still Creek Press, we are always looking for ways to make communications more effective. Inline inkjet printing bridges the gap between offset printing and variable printing in a hybrid like environment.

Inline inkjet variable data printing

How our inline inkjet technology can be used

We offer a full range of monochrome imprinting applications such as:

  • Packaging
  • Barcoding & Numbering
  • Direct mail personalization
  • Hybrid printing

Inline inkjet printing allows us to personalize or address marketing and mailing pieces, add more intricate security features to secure print jobs, or supply more complicated and diverse bar-coding and numbering to business forms and tickets.

This technology also provides the best competitive edge on all of your printing needs. Personalized direct mail, in particular, drives a high response rate and the best return on investment.

Would you like to know more about inline inkjet printing or how it can be used in conjunction with inline re-moist gluing and blow down label capabilities? Talk with one of our Still Creek sales representatives to find out more information.

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