Grays Harbor Paper – Enviromentally Friendly Recycled Paper

March 2, 2011

Gray’s Harbour Paper is our #1 supplier of 100% environmentally friendly paper, and for good reason! Locally based right across the border in Hoquiam, WA, they are proven leaders in the development and sustainable production of high-quality, environmentally friendly paper.

Zero Virgin Fiber Material

Grays Harbor Paper’s Harbor 100 is a high quality printing and writing paper containing zero virgin fiber material. Instead, 100% of the papermaking fibers are post consumer recycled materials purchased exclusively from high quality suppliers. To ensure Harbor 100 meets these high recycling standards their processes are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Grays Harbor Paper

Unique Manufacturing Process

What makes Harbor 100 different is the environmentally friendly production techniques used to create it. Grays Harbor Paper’s investments in renewable energy are phenomenal, in particular the 100% certified renewable carbon neutral energy used in the manufacturing of all their paper.

Family Owned Grays Harbor Paper

Renewable Fuel Sources

The renewable fuel sources that Grays Harbor Paper use are a combination of traditional and nontraditional biomass fuels. This technology converts wood wastes, which were previously dumped in landfills or burned, into clean energy. As a result of their ecologically responsible utilization of resources, several heavily polluting wood waste burners have been put out of operation.

Green-E Energy Certified

In February 2005, they marked a milestone in green paper production with the addition of their second electrical generator powered by renewable fuels. This new capacity qualified them for a renewable energy certification by Green-E, the recognized leader of renewable energy certification in the U.S.

A Simple Energy Goal

It’s just that simple. Grays Harbor Paper’s energy goal is to produce and provide clean, renewable energy for the production of paper, and place the surplus of renewable electricity back into the northwest power grid.

Utilizing Harbor 100 for your paper and printing needs, no trees will be cut down, no fossil fuels will be burned, and the impact on the health of the local community will be minimized.

Interested in trying Harbor 100 on your next print run? Contact us today to find out just how green your next printed piece can be!

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