G7 Master Printer: Matching Proof-To-Press

June 28, 2012


G7 Master Printer Certified

Left to right working in front of our six-colour Heidelberg Speedmaster 74: Valerie Scherban - senior press operator at Still Creek Press, John Seed of Micron20 print consultants, Ernst Vegt of Coast Imaging Arts and Vladimir Charvat - production coordinator at Still Creek Press.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just received confirmation of our certification as a GRACoL G7 Certified Master Printer today. That makes us one of only eight printers in British Columbia that are registered in The Official Directory of IDEAlliance Certified Experts, Professionals and Qualified Masters.

G7™ Master Status is earned by printers who “use the most modern technology, techniques, proofing and press controls, and standards required to produce a close visual match from proof to print.” The ‘G’ stands for the new calibrating Grey values and the ‘7’ for the core colours in our ISO printing rainbow — Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), Black (K), Red (M+Y), Green (C+Y) and Blue (C+M).

G7 Master Printers are certified annually by IDEAlliance, an established not-for-profit industry organization that works to develop, educate and validate advanced standards and best practices in print, publishing and information technology.

With this new certification, our customers will enjoy:

• More predictability in the visual matching of proofs to press output
• The elimination of costly travel for on-site press checks
• Faster make-readies resulting in more efficient production
• Cleaner colours with a wider tonal range maintaining the original colour intent
• The highest quality product obtainable!

We can achieve a close visual match of our press sheet to your colour proof by using a near-neutral calibration technique based on gray balance and tonal reproduction which eliminates variability inherent across different presses, printing processes, substrates and mediums.

Improve the impact of your print collateral

Want to learn more about how our G7 Master Printer Certification can help improve the impact of your company’s print communication collateral? Contact any of our G7 Qualified Master Printer sales representatives for more info.

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