Five “Clearly” Different Ways to Be More Creative and Add Value to Your Print Project

March 1, 2012

What if we could introduce a new digital printing capability that boosts image quality, directs attention to key messages and provides an additional layer of security to sensitive documents?

WünderGloss Clear Dry Ink is such a capability. Graphic designers will like it for the way in which it makes images “pop” off the page and focuses the reader’s attention on specific blocks of text. Marketers will like it for the way it offers greater flexibility in campaign collateral.

Let’s be “clear” however. Our WünderGloss Clear Dry Ink is not a varnish like the coatings applied on our sheetfed printing presses. It’s not as shiny and it doesn’t add a protective sealed layer like varnish. However, it can simulate spot and flood varnish effects and can be applied to unique information in variable data printing applications unlike conventional varnishes. It also is applied inline with our colour digital press and requires no drying time.

It’s also easy to use. Graphic designers will find it as simple to apply to their artwork as they do for conventional varnishes.

Here are five examples of how our of WünderGloss Clear Dry Ink added value…

1. Enhance image quality

WünderGloss increases colour saturation, adding depth and dimension to images.

2. Focuses attention

Much like using a highlight colour, WünderGloss can focus reader’s attention on key passages within a promotional piece. These effects are even more noticeable when used with embossing.

3. Reinforces impact of personalization

Direct Mail pieces when used with variable data printing present targeted information that increases a recipient’s response rate. WünderGloss reinforces this intent by drawing attention to relevant calls-to-action.

4. Expands the designer’s creative palette

WünderGloss can be used in numerous ways to add creative effects and artistic backgrounds.

5. Provides an additional tool in the security toolbox

Because WünderGloss can’t be copied, watermarks and other effects can play a role in maintaining the security of sensitive printed documents.

It’s “clear” that WünderGloss gives you an opportunity to be more creative and add value to your next print project. Do you have any questions regarding the application of our WünderGloss Clear Dry Ink? Contact any of our sales representatives today to get product samples or pricing on our WünderGloss Digital printing service.

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