Ecofont Saves Ink, Reducing Home Printing Costs

February 16, 2011

Save ink and reduce home printing costs? A Dutch company named SPRANQ (a creative communications studio in Utrecht, Netherlands) has designed a font called Ecofont which promises to use 25% less ink than a traditional font when printed.

EcofontThe group set out to find a computer typeface which would conserve more ink than traditional typefaces. They experimented with designs making the letter thinner, reducing them to just outlines and them removing aspects. Removing small circles from each letter was determined to be the best solution.

While SPRANQ understands that their font won’t solve the problem of waste in printings, they hope it raises awareness.

What does the font look like up close?

25% Less Ink with Ecofont

When printed in regular font sizes (they recommend size 9-10 pt), these holes are hardly noticeable yet save ink. The Ecofont is based on Vera Sans which is an Open Source typeface and is available for both PC and MAC.

Ecofonts works best for OpenOffice, AppleWorks and MS Office. Visit their website and download Ecofont for free.

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