BCIT’s GTech Program: A two year program that delivers!

May 22, 2012

This is a call-out for students to the BCIT Graphic Communications Program. Do you know someone who wants a great career opportunity in a versatile and evolving industry? Let them know about this two year program: graduates from the program enjoy an exceptionally high job placement rate.

  • Each year the printing industry has been hiring smart, creative and talented graduates from BCIT’s 5 year old Graphic Communications program; and this year a number of students from the graduating class are entertaining multiple job offers and are able to select the best offer for their personal goals.
  • Printing is the fifth largest manufacturing industry in Canada and, according to the Canadian Printing Industries Sector Council (www.cpisc-csic.ca),  employing over 270,000 people in more than 25,900 organizations: there are significant opportunities for hard working graduates.
  • BCIT’s Graphic Communications Program is a two year diploma providing training in visual communications, technology, manufacturing, and business. Students learn on current industry software about web to print; digital imaging; ecommerce; color management; pre-press, press and post-press production; marketing and communications; sustainability; financial accounting; and more. There are hands-on opportunities to create visual communications projects such as brochures, posters, packaging and labels, direct mail, signage, and magazines.
  • Students have two internship opportunities during the two year program which enables them to gain work experience within the industry. Students are also provided with networking opportunities and are encouraged to participate in industry events.
  • Courses are taught by highly experienced industry leaders and the program is well respected and supported by industry organizations. The program runs with high quality industry equipment, including digital and offset presses, computer-based simulators, bindery and finishing machinery, and Mac computer labs.

Individuals, who want an excellent career opportunity in a dynamic, evolving industry, need to consider BCIT’s Graphic Communications program.

Contact Department Head, Wayne Collins at 604 412-7518 (Wayne_Collins@bcit.ca) or Ken Jeffries at 604 412-7518 (Kenneth_Jeffery@bcit.ca) for more information and/or to arrange a tour of the facilities. Or check out the BCIT Graphic Communications Program Sheet for more information.

Kris Bovay,
General Manager, Pacific Bindery Services
BCIT Graphic Communications Advisory Committee

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