A Better ‘Setter

September 20, 2012

In our last blog article, we recapped some of the fun activities we took part in over the summer. So it seemed only fitting we follow that up with an insiders view on a few of the projects keeping us busy here at the office…

The first two weeks of September were quite hectic for employees and some customers alike at Still Creek Press. We began by migrating our email stores from an aging email system to a full-blown Microsoft Exchange 2010 email server.

During the very same week (by coincidence?), one of our workstations became infected with a virus that begin spamming the Internet to the point that our stillcreekpress.com domain underwent a spam blacklisting such that our email flow came to a near standstill for a day until we got things sorted out. Thanks to Nathan at Netdigix Systems for helping us out.

Next, we had arranged to have our “end of service life” Kodak Lotem 4-up plate setter replaced with a fully automated Screen 6600 6-up plate setter. Thankfully our resourceful and nimble production staff managed to schedule around the chaos that ensued in our prepress department while the transition was taking place. The team at Focus Pre Press Systems in Surrey facilitated the install.

We tried with no avail to get some interesting shots of our new email server :P, however here’s a couple of pictures of our prepress team doing some testing with the newly installed plate setter:

installing a new plate setter

Pictured standing in front of the recently installed plate setter are from left to right: Mike Lavoie and Leon Oldale of our Prepress team and Gary Arsenault of Focus Prepress Systems.

The new plate setter

Needless to say, we’ve implemented a few changes to our company workflow, ultimately make day-to-day operations run more smoothy. How about you? Did any of your summer entail making changes to your workflow, either in the office or at home?

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