What is Cross Media Marketing?

February 4, 2013

In simple terms, cross-media marketing means taking one marketing campaign and distributing it across a multitude of media channels. Cross-media campaigns are designed to increase engagement with consumers and get them more actively involved. The communication pieces use technology like QR Codes and pURLs to offer quicker and easier ways to track and measure the success of the campaign.

A 2009 report from OMD Brand Science stated that online digital marketing campaigns are 62% more effective when direct mail is used. A Direct Marketing Association (DMA) report in 2010 stated that 74% of clients surveyed said direct mail was its most successful channel partner for email campaigns.

Cross Media

Cross-Media Case Study

Let’s use our Season’s Greetings 2012 Coffee Offer campaign as an example of a modest cross-media marketing campaign:

TARGET LIST  1585 customers

OBJECTIVE  Motivate existing customers to engage with us by scheduling an appointment with an Still Creek Press account representative and/or Liking Us on Facebook.


  • A complementary cup of coffee either delivered to the customer’s office or presented to them as part of a tour of the Still Creek Press manufacturing facility.
  • Win one of 10 “Print Made Easy” Mugs by Liking us on Facebook.


  • Scan QR Code
  • Type/click website URL to online sign-up for offer form
  • Like Us on Facebook button


  • Personalized direct mail greeting card
  • Email reminder (same offer and graphics) scheduled for release three days later
  • Mobile-optimized micro site with sign-up form


Results (first 2 weeks)

cross media results

SENT: 864 (Greeting Cards), 1585 (emails)

RESPONSE: 415 visits to microsite, 37 offers accepted, 15 Facebook Likes

  • 26% of our customers visited the coffee offer web page
  • 9% of those who visited the page accepted our offer for a complementary coffee and 3.6% Liked Us on Facebook
  • Open rate for email reminder was 46%–a lift of almost 13% higher than our email list average

Benefits to Marketers

Cross-media campaigns give marketers the ability to utilize multiple touch points to generate increased response rates, higher conversions, enhanced customer engagement, and improved ROI.

If you’ve yet to experience how print personalization and cross media marketing can boost the effectiveness of your next multichannel direct marketing campaign, contact one of our Print Made Easy account representatives for more information.

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