The Kings of Colour Launch Pantone Plus

October 27, 2011

PANTONE PLUS seriesPantone recently launched the Pantone Plus Series, an update of and replacement for its well known Pantone Matching System, the universal language of colour for graphic designers and printers. The Plus series offers a multitude of new features, colours, and digital tools… here’s our top 6:

1. Expanded colour palette

There are 566 new colours including 56 new Neons and 300 Metallics. The new colours are formulated with the same 14 base colour inks as the original Pantone Matching System, ensuring that most printers can reproduce the new colors.

2. Chromatic arrangement of colours

The book has been reordered now so that all the families of colours are now next to each other in a predictable manner.

3. Colour index

At the back of each book is an index of colours by number that tells you the page and row where you’ll find each colour.

PANTONE PLUS Family4. ColorChecker lighting indicator

Also found at the back of the books is a colour swatch that lets you know if your current lighting conditions are suitable for colour evaluation—if the top half isn’t identical to the bottom half, then the lighting is skewing your perception of colour.

5. Colour manager software

When you register your swatch book online you’re eligible to download the Pantone Colour Manager, which automatically updates your design software with the newest Pantone colors and provides unique tools to work with colours.

6. The PANTONE chip-in program

When you trade up to Pantone Plus you can trade in your old guides and books and receive a rebate to help offset the cost. Pantone will recycle your old guides and books in an environmentally friendly way.

There’s a page at Pantone’s website that you can download cool Pantone Plus wallpaper for your computer, iPhone or iPad.

So which PANTONE PLUS colour book should you purchase?

We like the Colour Bridge set. It lets you to select and specify solid Pantone colours, preview how a Pantone colour will appear reproduced in CMYK or create optimal displays of Pantone colours on monitors and web pages. Included in Colour Bridge are HTML and sRGB values as well which is very handy indeed!

Any questions about the new Pantone Plus series colour guides? Contact us for recommendations and answers.

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