Still Creek Press 2014 World Cup Soccer Pool

July 23, 2014

WorldCup+SoccerBall_featheredThe 2014 World Cup may have been the best World Cup in history.  After a month of some of the best soccer the planet has ever witnessed, you may be on somewhat of a comedown with the World Cup done and dusted.  As the Germans parade the trophy around Berlin, and the La Albiceleste (The White and Sky Blue) left wondering what could have been, a few big winners at Still Creek Press are still riding the high.

Before the tournament began, 23 participants boldly predicted the outcomes from the group stage, knock out rounds, and championship.  So many subplots unfolded as the tournament wore on with plenty of goals to keep fans on the edge of their seats.  The Americans exceeded expectations, shouldered by the superb play of goalkeeper Tim Howard.  Some of the supposed powerhouse nations such as Spain, Italy, England and Portugal were sent packing early as they failed to advance from their respective groups.  Our pool seemed to change daily as players jockeyed for the pole position.  As hoped, the final placement hinged on the outcome of the consolation and championship games.  I think Ralph is still upset with Messi!

When all the dust had settled and Deutschland was crowned victorious, 3 players stood above the rest.

Congratulations to our big winners:

1st – Joseph Marte $255

2nd – Kim Seed $140

3rd – Craig Laurita $65

Our champion custodian Joseph even shared the wealth by bringing in an ice cold flat of Coronas for his fellow participants to enjoy on a warm Friday afternoon last week.  Pure class!!

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