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Direct Mail

Direct Mail is a proven, powerful and cost-effective solution that drives traffic to your business. Let Still Creek Press provide you with our Direct Mail Printing service that will help you target your ideal audience and grab your customers’ attention by standing out in the mailbox.

About our Direct Mail Printing Service

Still Creek Press is recognized by Canada Post as a Direct Marketing Specialist.
How you benefit by using us as your Direct Mail Provider:

  • Access in-depth knowledge — When you work with us, you have access to the kind of expertise and experience that’s usually reserved for larger businesses.
  • Get seasoned advice — If you’re new to direct mail, you’ll benefit from the past experience and success that we bring to the table.
  • Use our technical expertise — We will take care of the details for you – such as sorting and grouping your mailing by postal route, following printing specifications and much more.

Why use Direct Mail?

Direct Mail

Canadians respond very favourably to Direct Mail

  • It’s a part of Canadians’ daily routines — 95% of Canadians read their mail as soon as they receive it (68%) or later on that same day (27%) – a fact that holds true regardless of age, income or geography.*
  • It provides a positive experience — 72% of Canadians look forward to what’s in the mailbox, and 63% say that receiving mail is a real pleasure.**
  • It’s convenient and trusted — Consumers can read the information when it’s convenient for them. Canadians feel that personal information is least at risk when advertisements are received through the mail (vs. email, telephone).*

*CPC Consumer Attitudes to DM 09-210; **CPC Canadian Attitudes towards Direct Marketing and Mail, October 2008.

Direct Mail is Canadians’ preferred promotional media

Canada Post Market Research, CPC #09-204, “P Loves E: Or How Physical Admail and Email Complement Each Other to Create Impact,” October 2009

Direct Mail Stats

Achieve higher response rate and better ROI with Direct Mail

  • It commands the attention — A tangible / tactile media that appeals to the senses, invoking emotions that can drive response*
  • Can be personalized — Mail is often saved / kept as a reference, retrieved and passed along to others***
  • It elicits a response — 93% of Canadians are likely to open mail if it comes from a company they know***, 70% of Canadians are likely to respond to flyers in their mailbox, while 55% are likely to respond to brochures**
  • It integrates effectively with other media — Advertising mail combined with an awareness of similar TV, radio, newspaper or online advertising creates a higher impact in terms of action taken due to greater top-of-mind awareness**

*Australia Post, mailmarketing.com.au; **Consumer Attitudes towards Direct Marketing and Traditional Media, CP 09-210, May 2010; *** CPC Value of an Integrated Multimedia Strategy, 09-205; CPC Market Research, “Marketing Research Fact Sheet: Canadian Attitudes towards Direct Marketing and Mail,” October 2008;

Direct Mail Works

Direct Mail: It Works!

Direct mail is a tried and true marketing medium that can help boost brand awareness and recall, and generate profitable business results.

Build and maintain customer relationships

Use customized messaging to create a more personalized conversation with your clients that reassures your product or service provides the solution that fits their individual needs.

Reach out and acquire new customers

Use direct mail to target the best prospects identified in your growth strategy, even if you don’t have individual street addresses.

Drive higher response through targeting

Target your direct mail campaign towards those people most likely to act on your offer using demographic, geographic, and lifestyle segmentation — increase your conversion rate of prospects to customers.

Measure, refine and drive higher ROI

Measure the outcome of your direct mail campaign and use the results to further improve on future initiatives to build ROI.

Create a winning integrated marketing campaign

Direct mail complements other forms of marketing media such as newspaper, radio and online digital advertising in raising brand awareness and reinforcing your message.

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