Sandwich Board Signs

November 8, 2013

Snap Frame


MDO Plywood A-board


Ideal for inside or outdoors, walkways in front of retail stores, and any portable advertising, Sandwich signs are a great way of promoting any business or event. Like everything else in the printing world, sandwich signs have evolved constantly into the form we see today, in this case from the traditional 2 boards that would be hung over someone’s shoulders as they walked through town. There are now numerous options in terms of stands and multiple printing surfaces to choose from.

Two examples:


– 24″ x 36″
– Front Loading snap frame
– Graphics can be interchanged
– Protective cover for graphics
– Collapses flat for easy storage
– Printed on either 060 Styrene, or Synthetic Paper

MDO Plywood

– 32” x 48”
– Graphics are permanent
– Printed on Vinyl Adhesive

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