hero_WünderGloss™ Clear Dry Ink

WünderGloss™ Clear Dry Ink

WünderGloss Clear Dry Ink gives you the ability to apply a clear effect, so you can address specific areas of your digitally printed job and bring your prints to life.

Think frost on a window or the see-through beauty of a crystal and you’ll understand the dramatic, eye-catching design effects you can create with this clear dry ink. Most importantly, WünderGloss Clear Dry Ink is specifically for digital print jobs and a cost effective alternative to applying spot varnish in offset printing.

  • Highlight images, making them pop off the page
  • Draw attention to headlines or variable text
  • Simulate pearlescent or metallic appearance
  • Apply digital watermarks for security

Whether used for highlighting areas with spot treatment, creating a smooth, even sheen with flood treatment or simulate metallic effects, WünderGloss Clear Dry Ink brings you a new dimension in digital printing.


Setting Up Your InDesign File

  1. Add a new layer in the layers pallet and name it
  2. Move the clear layer to the top in the layers pallet 
  3. Add a new colour in the swatches pallet and name it “Clear” (this swatch name is case sensitive and must be used across all applications)
  4. Designate the Colour Type as Spot
  5. Set the Colour Mode to CMYK: 0/100/0/0. You can choose any of the 4 process colours and set to 100%

You are now ready to assign the colour Clrear to fills and strokes of text and shapes.

** Depending on the output device, the name of the spot colour will change. Refer to the chart below when setting files for either digital or large format

Spot Ink Sets


Applying Wündergloss Clear Dry Ink

It’s easy to apply Wündergloss Clear Dry Ink to text and graphics created in InDesign or pasted from Adobe Illustrator to print as a watermark or over photos, text and graphics containing colour.

  1. Draw a shape in InDesign or copy and paste a graphic from Illustrator into your InDesign document
  2. Designate the fill and/or line to be “Clear”
  3. Move all clear elements to the clear layer
  4. Choose overprint if overlapping other images. Select Window > Attributes > Overprint Fill and/or Stroke


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