New Year. New Look!

November 27, 2014

branded whiteboard

Can you believe 2014 is coming to an end already? Where does the time go? How has your business’ marketing collateral attracted the attention of new customers and what are you doing to change that if it hasn’t? Still Creek Press will be refreshing our conventional stationery and print materials into updated marketing supplies and advertising opportunities; and we hope that you would too.

Transpromo EnvelopesLet’s take invoices and the envelopes they come in. Most of the time we have our company logo in the top left corner to comply with Canada Post rules and have a traditional layout on the invoice to display the content of the balance due. We have uncovered how to utilize the real estate available on the envelopes to brand each month’s invoices with marketing information that Still Creek Press is supporting through sponsorship so that our customers can all see the investments we’re making locally and to great causes. We feel this is has been an opportunity missed and one that we believe will garner the attention of most of our clients in 2015. We hope you enjoy reading about twelve of the various causes we’re involved with and would love to help your company do something similar.

Retractable BannerWhen customers walk into our lobby, often times they are greeted by the receptionist and are cordially invited to sit and wait while the requested person is beckoned and comes to. You have a good three to four minutes where this customer will likely reach for their smartphone to read emails or pick up a newspaper to read while waiting. Now consider having an eye-catching pop up banner in full view to where they sit explaining some of the creative initiatives or products your business is producing or working with – powerful. Still Creek Press has decided to showcase its newest products as well as some of its community initiatives so that readers better understand that we’re more than just a printing business; we are partners with those we work with, using printing to support great causes.

Meetings in your boardroom should be about decision making and each time the group leaves something should have been accomplished. During 2014, creating company whiteboards became a large part of our wide format department, specifically around printing their logo or a phrase onto the whiteboard and then installing it in their office. Consider showing your audience how a strategy works on the whiteboard with your company logo right there the entire time… Businesses have begun to do this for their boardrooms and we welcome the chance to do the same for yours. Give your company a New Look for the New Year.

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