Our New Year’s Resolution: Let’s talk honestly about going “green”

December 20, 2010

One of our goals for 2011 is going to be that we are more specific in disclosing what we mean when we say that we’re “sustainable,” “eco-friendly,” and even “green”. We’ll also provide specific substantiation for any claim as such.

What is an Environmental Profile?

We’re going to begin this new era of transparency by assessing our company’s environmental profile. What is an environmental profile? Think of an environmental profile as a snapshot of Still Creek Press’s environmental performance with a date-stamp superimposed on the image.

Sustainable Green Printing

The profile will also aid us in ascertaining our readiness to apply for registration with the Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Partnership as a Sustainable Green Printer, another goal for the coming year.

The SGP Partnership is a program that offers special recognition to printers who meet its environmental criteria. You can visit www.sgppartnership.org for details.

Conserving Natural Resources – a Multitude of Benefits

Conservation of natural resources is the heart of any sustainability movement and delivers a multitude of benefits and results in a triple-win on environmental, social, and economic levels. Reducing energy and water consumption is good for the environment, it benefits all the inhabitants of the planet by making more resources available, and it is great for our bottom line, because it cuts costs.

Environmental Footprints, Ours & Yours

There are also many opportunities to reduce waste and improve the environmental footprint of our print-production equipment, chemistry, and workflow. And for you, our valued customers, there are a growing number of choices you can make about the materials consumed (such as inks and coatings) and the paper and other substrates on which we create your print products with.

Making greener choices can help you—and us—move down the path toward greater sustainability. We understand that “green” is a journey, not a destination. It is a process of continuous improvement through which we all reap ongoing rewards in the form of cost reductions and process improvements.
We promise in the coming months to keep you informed of our journey.

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