Large Format: Use the Right Materials for the Best Results

June 28, 2013

For Still Creek Press’ UV LED Large Format printer, the flat bed will print up to 64” wide, and as long as you want it – actually, in whatever length we can find the materials. Like all printed forms, the material used – or substrate – is a huge part of what defines the quality of the finished piece. Get the right materials for the task at hand, and you’ll have a better result.

There are three popular options available: Foamcore, Polystyrene and Coroplast.

Foamcore is lightweight, sturdy, and can stand alone. Its qualities make it ideal for trade shows as it looks really good, and can stand on its own on an easel. However, it’s for indoor use only due to its paper face.



Polystyrene is waterproof, can be used outdoors, and if the need arises, can be wiped clean. It can last a long time – up to five years – and can be attached with glue, screws, or velcro. This makes it a good candidate to use as outdoor signage for a business or organization.

While it prints nice and smooth, it is floppy; it just doesn’t have the tensile strength that Foamcore does.



And then there’s Coroplast, which is made of fluted corrugated plastic. It comes in 4 mm or 10 mm thicknesses, and is fairly inexpensive. You’ll see it used for real estate signs and on construction sites, since it’s cheap, lightweight and can be attached to a fence with grommets.

As for the printing process itself, the UV machine prints directly onto the material you choose, and the ink dries immediately using LED lights, which consume less power than a toaster. It can also print white or clear ink. So not only is the process flexible and fast, it’s also green.

So when choosing the material for your next job, consider where and how your sign will be used; the right fit will make you, and your business, look good.

Contact one of our Print Made Easy account representatives and let them help you decide which substrate is most appropriate for your next wide format printing project.

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