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February 28, 2012

Introducing our latest service, Studio Crafted large format printing, to graphic communication professionals in Vancouver, Burnaby and the rest of British Columbia. We can now supply Studio Crafted printing on virtually any media up to ½-inch thick and 64 inches wide.

Packaging, Labels, Interior Décor and Large-Format Graphics

Our Studio Crafted large format printing service is perfect for applications ranging from packaging prototypes, short-run labels and membrane panels to interior décor items and large-format graphics. You can have us print on an unprecedented range of materials including popular large-format media such as transparent film used for custom decorative window graphics and paper banner media for trade show displays.

From left to right: contour cut and creased packaging prototype; translucent window display printed with CMYK + White inks and textured with layers of WünderGloss clear gloss ink; fine art reproduction featuring custom textures and effects

Window graphics, Wall Wraps, Trade Show Displays

With its ability to print on a vast array of substrates including board stocks up to 64” wide and weighing up to 26 pounds, our Studio Crafted large format printer is perfect for large-format POP, window graphics, wall wraps, trade show displays and interior décor items.

We can also reproduce fine art by outputting in our high-quality artistic print mode (1440×1440 dpi) for sharp, detailed graphics. Accurate packaging proofs and prototypes are no longer a challenge. Whether it’s a box, bag, label or shrink film, our Studio Crafted large format printer prints vibrant CMYK, white and our WünderGloss clear coat.

Do you have an upcoming large format printing project? Contact any of our sales representatives today to get product samples or pricing on our Studio Crafted large format printing service.

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