Green Printing with LED Lighting

May 1, 2012

Last month, as part of our company mandate to be as environmentally responsible as possible, we changed the lamps in our production facility and all the exterior lights and exit lights to energy-efficient LED lighting technology.

According to BC Hydro’s Lighting Guide, lighting can be both the highest energy cost and the greatest savings opportunity for your business. On average, lighting consumes 40% of electricity in commercial buildings. Most conventional lighting also produces heat, which can increase a building’s cooling costs by up to 20%.

Although the new LED lamps were more expensive than other lighting options, their excellent efficiency and extended life made them very cost-effective for the aforementioned applications. In addition, BC Hydro states that an efficient lighting system can pay off with increased employee productivity, improved security, better comfort and more pleasing aesthetics.

In addition to what we will save as a company in both energy and maintenance bills, BC Hydro’s Power Smart Product Incentive Program provided $1800 as a financial incentive to replace our old inefficient lighting technology with the new energy efficient LED lamps.

Implementing the LED lighting campaign has helped us:

  • Saved money
  • Improved the work environment
    for our employees
  • Received a financial
    incentive from BC Hydro
  • Contributed to environmental

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