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Downloadable Printing Templates

November 12, 2010

To make designing and creating print-ready product files a bit easier, we have printing templates available for download. Our printing template files provide information on product dimensions, layout, and any folding guidelines. These files are available in EPS format and are ZIPed for fast download. Using our templates is simple. Download the template that meets your needs, create […] Read more »

Brochure Printing: Some Tips to Consider

September 2, 2010
Image for Brochure Printing: Some Tips to Consider

Brochure printing is the centerpiece of many marketing strategies for good reason: it works! Customers are accustomed to navigating through commonly folded brochures and are usually familiar with the layout. One of the reasons brochure format is so successful is that it allows your business to tell a story and guide a customer through its […] Read more »

Exchanging Files With Your Printer: An Introduction to FTP

August 23, 2010
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Exchanging files between designers and printers is easier these days than it was in the past due to the increase in average Internet bandwidth (file transfer speed), the increase in maximum email attachment size, and the adoption of PDF as the accepted file format for output. However, there are times when you’ll find FTP most useful. For instance, for […] Read more »