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Practical Uses for QR Codes in Print Media

March 3, 2011
QR Code Banner at Still Creek Press

We’ve recently added a QR code banner to the outside of our building in hopes to increase awareness and create some buzz around this relatively new technology. Most importantly though, this new addition showcases our cutting edge capabilities as a print service provider in creating cross media marketing campaigns for you, our valued customer. Integrating […] Read more »

3 Awesome QR Code Readers

January 17, 2011

As printers and communication providers, we like to stay on top of our game when it comes to new technology and available software. In a previous article we explained QR codes and how exactly you could make print interactive with QR codes, but didn’t touch on the many types of QR code scanning applications available to mobile devices (and yes, […] Read more »

Make Print Interactive with QR Codes

October 6, 2010
Image for Make Print Interactive with QR Codes

You’ve probably seen QR Codes in magazines, on signs, buses, business cards or just about any object that users might need information about. QR code technology is blurring the distinction between printed communication mediums, smart phones and digital destination and content. A printed marketing piece teamed with QR codes can reach people offline with the ability […] Read more »