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Green and Eco-friendly print initiatives

Grays Harbor Paper – Enviromentally Friendly Recycled Paper

March 2, 2011
Family Owned Grays Harbor Paper

Gray’s Harbour Paper is our #1 supplier of 100% environmentally friendly paper, and for good reason! Locally based right across the border in Hoquiam, WA, they are proven leaders in the development and sustainable production of high-quality, environmentally friendly paper. Zero Virgin Fiber Material Grays Harbor Paper’s Harbor 100 is a high quality printing […] Read more »

Going Green – Where to Start

February 24, 2011
Reduce Reuse Recycle

As a follow up to our New Years Resolution, Let’s Talk Honestly About Going Green, we thought we’d discuss some of the procedures that we’ve put into place in order to demonstrate our environmental commitments to sustainable printing. One of the first measures initiated was that we asked for the involvement of all our employees. […] Read more »

Ecofont Saves Ink, Reducing Home Printing Costs

February 16, 2011

Save ink and reduce home printing costs? A Dutch company named SPRANQ (a creative communications studio in Utrecht, Netherlands) has designed a font called Ecofont which promises to use 25% less ink than a traditional font when printed. The group set out to find a computer typeface which would conserve more ink than traditional typefaces. They experimented […] Read more »

Our New Year’s Resolution: Let’s talk honestly about going “green”

December 20, 2010
Going Green

One of our goals for 2011 is going to be that we are more specific in disclosing what we mean when we say that we’re “sustainable,” “eco-friendly,” and even “green”. We’ll also provide specific substantiation for any claim as such. What is an Environmental Profile? We’re going to begin this new era of transparency by […] Read more »