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Burnaby Board of Trade Business of the Year (up to 50 employees) Recipient!

November 27, 2014
BBOT Acceptance

2014 has been a banner year for Still Creek Press, capped off by an amazing win at this Year’s Burnaby Board of Trade Business Excellence Awards. Very humbled in its acceptance, Still Creek Press won Business of the Year (up to 50 employees) and was a finalist for the Community Spirit Award. At the […] Read more »

Introducing Brooke!

October 28, 2014
Image for Introducing Brooke!

If you’ve had the chance to visit Still Creek Press recently, you may have noticed a new face at the front desk. This face belongs to Brooke, the newest member of Still Creek Press. Since Brooke is new, it was only natural for me to put her through an awkward sit down where I […] Read more »

What is metamerism?

August 13, 2014
Image for What is metamerism?

Metamerism is the phenomenon where two different colour samples appear to match under one set of lighting conditions, but not under different lighting. The two colours are called metamers. For example, did you ever get dressed in the morning and everything matched great in the mirror, only to step outside into the sunlight and glance […] Read more »

Still Creek Press 2014 World Cup Soccer Pool

July 23, 2014
Image for Still Creek Press 2014 World Cup Soccer Pool

The 2014 World Cup may have been the best World Cup in history.  After a month of some of the best soccer the planet has ever witnessed, you may be on somewhat of a comedown with the World Cup done and dusted.  As the Germans parade the trophy around Berlin, and the La Albiceleste (The […] Read more »