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The Kings of Colour Launch Pantone Plus

October 27, 2011

Pantone recently launched the Pantone Plus Series, an update of and replacement for its well known Pantone Matching System, the universal language of colour for graphic designers and printers. The Plus series offers a multitude of new features, colours, and digital tools… here’s our top 6: 1. Expanded colour palette There are 566 new colours including […] Read more »

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5: Reason to Upgrade?

June 20, 2011
Adobe Creative Suite 5.5

Just last month, Adobe made available the first “mid-cycle” release of Creative Suite: version 5.5. This is part of their new release strategy, where they will move milestone releases (such as CS3, CS4, CS5) to a two-year cycle. Mid-cycle releases will keep designers and developers ahead of technology changes, such as what we’re now experiencing […] Read more »

QR Codes: Add Value to Your Print Collateral

May 5, 2011
QR code invoice

Last month, over on Ryan McAbee’s super-informative M-bossed blog, he posted an article entitled 10 Ways to Use QR Codes beyond Advertising. Ryan suggests in the article that if QR Codes are to be embraced by consumers, we as print media and marketing service providers are obliged to demonstrate practical uses for them—beyond just those […] Read more »

Print UV 2011: A bright light to cure what ails the print industry

March 28, 2011
Image for Print UV 2011: A bright light to cure what ails the print industry

Print UV 2011 was billed as “the conference exclusively dedicated to encourage, promote and sustain the growth of UV printing”. We sent our own Print Technology Specialist, John Seed down to Las Vegas to check out the event highlights … New UV Curing Technology H-UV (High efficiency UV) is an eco-friendly and economical innovative […] Read more »