Brochure Printing: Some Tips to Consider

September 2, 2010

Brochure printing is the centerpiece of many marketing strategies for good reason: it works! Customers are accustomed to navigating through commonly folded brochures and are usually familiar with the layout.

One of the reasons brochure format is so successful is that it allows your business to tell a story and guide a customer through its sales presentation. This means that your brochure printing and design are vital to the success of this marketing format. Poorly designed brochures can confuse or even frustrate customers. So consider the following on your next brochure print run.

Front panel

Simply put, the design of your front panel will make or break any brochure printing project. If the customer does not understand your products and services or what benefits you can bring to them, why would they reach for the brochure? Make sure the front panel engages the customer with images that communicate your company’s core competencies.

Tell a story

Your brochure should guide your customers through a story or process. Whether you are communicating your business’s basic products and services or explaining a specific product or service, use the natural flow of a folding brochure to tell your story one panel at a time.

Separating lines

Each panel can work as its own separate storyboard, but sometimes you need to separate ideas, products, or services on a per panel basis. Use separation lines or other graphical elements so your customer can clearly tell that you are discussing a different idea, product, or service. This will help the reader follow along much more clearly and also allow them to simply pick and choose what information they want to read.

Brochure printing can present a number of design challenges, but keeping your customer in mind can help you avoid brochures that are difficult to read. Use a front panel that really grabs their attention, tell a story across each panel, and separate different elements with lines or other graphics. Keeping these principles in mind can help you make sure that your brochure printing effectively drives sales.

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Folding Options for Brochures

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